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Stacey Martin Lifestyle Inc.

Location: Ottawa, St Kitts

Year: 2020 - 2021

Type: Brand Story, Campaign 


In Feb 2020, we travelled to St Kitts in the Caribbean to film an epic brand story with Canadian Luxe loungewear company, Stacey Martin. The brand is pushing the boundaries of fashion by combining sustainability, comfort and style in a way that inspires confidence and reinvents the look of luxury. We collaborated with Stacey's team to create a series of videos that would be used to promote her Frontfundr campaign. With a goal of $250,000, Stacey fulfilled her campaign, receiving 114% of her original funding target. You can learn more at Stacey's FrontFundr page.

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"Fall in Love with Yourself" - Brand Story 

Stacey Martin Pitch Videos

Stacey Martin Frontfundr - Promotional Content

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